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Facing the Fears of Fundraising

The Dreaded Fundraiser There is a month every year that parents dread.  The day their child comes home with the annual (or bi-annual) fundraising packet.  The parents are worried about who they are going to hit up this year.  Will they take it to work or not?  Will others feel shamed into buying?  Will parents who you bought from their child now return the favor?  Will the family at holidays avoid conversation just to avoid buying something they don’t want? Let’s face it, for parents, fundraisers are really missing the fun! Unfortunately, these feelings carry over to the teachers...

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FundRaising 101 – 7 tips for a Great Fundraiser

Fundraising doesn’t have to be difficult – here are 7 quick tips for a school fundraiser… 7 Tips for a Successful Fundraiser Start Early.  Plan your fundraiser ahead of time.  Consider when students are more energized.  For instance, everyone is more refreshed after a break and energy increases.  That said, don’t worry if you get started late, imark Fundraising can put a program in place and implement it for you in 10 days! Build a team.  Often a coordinator, or sponsor, is “nominated” or “gets stuck” doing the fundraiser for the year.  Attitude reflects levels of success.  If a...

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