Fundraising doesn’t have to be difficult – here are 7 quick tips for a school fundraiser…

7 Tips for a Successful Fundraiser

  1. Start Early.  Plan your fundraiser ahead of time.  Consider when students are more energized.  For instance, everyone is more refreshed after a break and energy increases.  That said, don’t worry if you get started late, imark Fundraising can put a program in place and implement it for you in 10 days!
  2. Build a team.  Often a coordinator, or sponsor, is “nominated” or “gets stuck” doing the fundraiser for the year.  Attitude reflects levels of success.  If a sponsor is not excited about doing the fundraiser then their attitude might rub off on others, including the students and parents.  Attitude is important (of course a great fundraiser that is easy to administrate and implement helps attitude tremendously).  Also, a team is best because they can support one another.  A good team will also include people in the administration who have access to the media for the school.  For instance, working with someone who administrates the school’s Facebook page and social media accounts would be great and help increase sales.
  3. Set and Share Goals.  You should have clear, documented goals on the amount of money you hope to make as well as what will happen to the money and how it is spent.  Share these goals and help others understand the need and cause.  You should be passionate about your cause and help others internalize the need and goals – this will help the community at large better understand how and why they should help.
  4. Set up incentives.  Participants LOVE incentives.  The cause should be incentive enough, but what kid doesn’t like a chance to win a bike or iPad?
  5. Communicate, communicate, and communicate.  Parents should be informed ahead of time of when the fundraiser will start.  Not only should the goals be shared but the progress clearly communicated regularly.  Be it progress “thermometers” or daily social media posts – the community should be included in the progress of the cause as well as the students and parents.  Students and parents need to be reminded of important dates including when orders are due and when orders are expected to be received.
  6. Be Thankful.  At the end of the fundraiser, thank the students, the parents, and the community as a whole.  If the goal was to buy uniforms, take pictures of the kids in the new uniforms and communicate it with the community.  Show them the results of their good deeds and hard work.  This will make next years fundraiser better!
  7. Get Help.  Do you need help implementing a fundraiser?  Need a good idea for a fundraiser?  Not sure what to do next?  Need a fundraising company that will take the journey with you?  Give imark Fundraising a call today.  We are passionate about helping others reach their goals.


This is a picture of tumblers and water bottles that are sold as a unique fundraising idea.