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Our Story

Over 20 years ago we noticed that the Quality and Value was missing in the fundraising industry.  We also saw the disappointment when buyers would receive their purchases.  So we made it imark’s mission to create and develop products that were made to be the very best quality with the most opportunity for meeting the overall goals of each group.

The challenge of raising money for your organization can be fast paced, chaotic, unorganized and hard to keep up with.  But when you get everything properly prepared and have the proper support and tools the results can be huge.

imark is totally focused on each organization support and goals.  We are a family owned company that has worked very hard to provide the quality, value and integrity that had been missing from the industry.  We are a proud member of AFRDS (Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers) and have helped schools and organizations raise millions of dollars with our programs.

imark has developed a great reputation for making your fundraising experience fun, easy, and most of all Profitable.

Let the experience of the imark Team and Quality of imark’s products help your organization meet all of their fundraising goals.