Unique & Easy Fundraising Ideas

Need a fast fundraiser that is easy to coordinate but still makes great money?

Have you been selected to be the coordinator for this year’s fundraising campaign for your school, booster club, or organization?

Are you worried about finding a fun, unique idea for fundraising?  Do you want to run a highly successful and profitable fundraising campaign?  Do you dread low participation or time consuming projects?  Is your deadline fast approaching?

Don’t worry – let imark Fundraising help you out!

The key to a great, successful fundraiser is to encourage engagement while keeping things fun and easy.  Also, your time is valuable.  imark Fundraising provides unique fundraising ideas that are easy, profitable, and quick.

imark has vast experience in fundraising.  imark has a process that is easy and simplified.  Sign-ups occur online, all your students need is a link and a school code which they use to register.

After sign-up students can even harness the power of social media to help sell products.  This increases the student engagement and thus the total funds raised – all with no extra effort from the fundraising coordinator.

Students can sell popular items that buyers will find fun and useful.  The products arrive at your school pre-packaged by student.  No sorting or endless inventory and counting.

So sit back and enjoy your time and make the most of it.  Help your organization make hefty profits on the fundraising campaign and you can be the hero.

Contact imark Fundraising today to take your fundraising to the next level.